PERISTAL: Acidic Buffering Systems for Textile Finishing Processes

Textilchemie Dr. Petry offers acidic buffering systems for different applications in textile dyeing and finishing. The presented PERISTAL products are non-volatile and can be used to adjust well-buffered pH ranges in finishing liquors as well as on textile goods. They are also suitable for the adjustment of stable pH values during dyeing processes or enzymatic treatments of textiles and garments.
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PERISTAL product range comprises different acidic buffering systems for textile dyeing and finishing.

Application of Acidic PERISTAL Buffers

Acidic buffers and acid donors serve for the regulation of pH values during textile wet finishing. Many processes in dyeing and finishing are pH-dependent. Dyeings can be optimally reproduced if the pH value is adjusted by means of a PERISTAL buffer. The pH regulators from the PERISTAL product range help to set the optimal operation conditions and thus produce good, reproducible quality, level dyeings and optimum finishing results.

Enzymatic Processes Are pH-Sensitive

The pH value has a strong impact on the efficacy of enzymes. Amylases or cellulases, which are frequently used for enzymatic textile finishing as well as for enzymatic garment finishing, are very pH-sensitive. Enzymes have an individual pH optimum where they show the highest activity and efficiency. These pH ranges can be reliably set with PERISTAL buffering systems. Furthermore, the impact of alkali introduced from preceding process steps can be buffered during an acid cellulase treatment.

Neutralization of Textiles According to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

As the presented PERISTAL buffers are non-volatile systems, they are suitable for the neutralization of core alkali. The chemical components of the buffering systems do not evaporate from the goods even whilst drying. For this reason, they are also applicable for the neutralization of core alkali as well as for pH adjustment according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Setting the pH to an acidic value helps to avoid the risk of storage yellowing of white and light-colored goods.

What is an Acidic Buffer?

An acidic buffer buffers a pH range in an acidic environment. If an acidic or alkaline solution is added, the pH changes to a lesser extent than in an unbuffered system. An acidic buffer consists of a weak acid and its conjugated base or the respective salt. For example, acetic acid/acetate or citric acid/citrate are such acidic buffering systems. The buffering capacity of different buffering systems varies and depends on the used amount of buffers.

Special Characteristics of Acidic PERISTAL Buffers

The overview below lists some special characteristics of our acidic PERISTAL buffers which can be used to set stable pH values in finishing and dyeing liquors or during enzymatic treatments:

  • non-volatile, remain on the textiles during and after the drying process
  • suitable for the neutralization of core alkali
  • predestinated for pH adjustment according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • help to minimize storage yellowing of white goods and pastel shades

Overview of Acidic PERISTAL Buffering Systems

The following list provides an overview of some of our acidic PERISTAL buffering systems, their buffering range and their characteristic application area in textile finishing:

Buffer Range
Special Characteristics


pH 6 – 7

Even higher application quantities do not lower the pH value below 6. For this reason, PERISTAL CES is particularly suited for delicate, optically brightened goods.
PERISTAL CSP liq.pH 3 – 5 
PERISTAL DC conc.pH 3 – 5Flakes


pH 4 – 6

Due to its good sequestering capacity and strong dispersing properties PERISTAL PES/A is suitable for dyeing of polyester.


pH 3 – 6

As a result of its high dispersing capacity PERISTAL SP can be used for disperse dyeing of PES.
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