Softening provides textiles primarily with a pleasant handle appropriate for the particular application purpose. Softeners however, can offer even more: They can contribute to a better processibility of fabric into garment, a good sewability of threads and woven or knitted fabrics and can improve the properties of the textiles during its use.

Depending on the area of application – for example as clothing, home textiles, technical textiles, or in the automotive sector – fabrics are textile-chemically finished in order to modify the handle of the goods and to make them more attractive to the clients. Customized to meet the customer’s wishes, different handle effects can be prioritized, for example surface smoothness, inner softness or volume.

In addition to the variation of the haptic, softening can also improve other properties of the textile. For example, they can lead to optimal sewability, high absorbency, improved rubbing fastnesses and good resilience. Even wellness substances, such as jojoba oil, aloe vera and fragrances can be combined with softening.

PERISOFT – Softeners

Our PERISOFT product range includes products based on various polysiloxanes, paraffin and polyethylene waxes, as well as fatty acid amides. In addition, we produce specialty products containing high quality wellness additives. Depending on the application method (continuously by padding or spraying respectively discontinuously by exhaustion) and fiber type (cotton, wool, polyester, polyamide, polyacrylnitrile, etc.) specific products in our program are suited for achieving the optimal desired handle effect.

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We offer a multitude of softening agents. Our experts will be glad to assist you with choosing the ideal product for your application.