Spinning and Fiber Auxiliaries

In order to produce at maximum operating speeds, fibers must be smooth and fiber/metal friction needs to be held to a minimum. Our product range consists of lubricants and spinning preparations for cotton and worsted yarns, as well as spin finishes for the production of yarns and staple fibers made of synthetic polymers.

The application of spinning preparations to textile and technical filaments, staple fibers and cables made of chemical fibers, improves the processability of the synthetic material. We offer products for the fabrication of CF yarns (continuous filament, multifilament) as well as for textured BCF yarns (bulked continuous filament) made of polyester or polypropylene, which are used in the carpet or automotive industries. We also offer fiber auxiliaries for the production of staple fibers and filament yarns made of polyamide and polyacrylonitrile.

Lubricants and preparations help to smooth out natural fibers such as wool or cotton, so they are optimized for processing on spinning machines.

Our PERFILAN product range consists of various fiber auxiliaries, preparations and lubricants. These products are suitable for spinning staple fibers made of cotton and wool, the production of filaments made of synthetic fibers, and the manufacturing of needle and spunbound non-wovens:

Preparations and Lubricants for the Cotton and Worsted Yarn Spinning

Lubricants and spinning preparations are used to optimize spin-ability of natural fibers such as cotton, wool and their blends with synthetic fibers. The application of these auxiliaries is carried out primarily through spraying, dipping, or – in worsted yarn spinning – via backwashers.

Spinning Preparations for the Chemical Fiber Spinning Process

Synthetic fibers, for example made of PA, PAN, PES or PP, can be given additional technical properties, such as advanced smoothness, and antistatic or hydrophilic characteristics. This is achieved through the application of spinning preparations. As a result, higher operating speeds and superb quality can be achieved during the spinning process, as well as during texturing and further processing into non-wovens.

Auxiliaries for Non-Woven Production

Aside from universal lubricants for the production of needled non-wovens, we also offer special auxiliaries for manufacturing permanently hydrophilic non-wovens made of PES or PP fibers. These are used as spunbond or thermobond non-wovens in the hygienic sectors.

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Our product range includes spinning preparations, fiber auxiliaries and lubricants for filament and staple fiber spinning. If you have technical questions or if you need assistance with choosing the optimal product for your production, our experts are pleased to be at your service.