Textile finishing provides fabrics, yarns and fibers with special properties. This includes water and oil repellency, antistatic behaviour and flame retardancy but also soft handle, luster, wrinkle resistance and anti-slipping properties can be achieved.

Today, textiles need to meet demanding requirements which fibers, yarns, knitted and woven fabrics usually cannot fulfil. By optimizing textile-chemical or mechanical finishing after pretreatment, dyeing or printing, the goods can be provided with new properties and features.

For example, textile-chemical finishing includes the resin finishing of cellulosic fibers in order to reduce the creasing and shrinking tendency of fabrics. With this treatment, also called easy-care finishing, natural or regenerated cellulosic fibers are crosslinked by means of resins. These resin finished textiles are crease resistant and dimensionally stable. Furthermore, chemical finishing can provide textiles with antistatic, flame retardant, and oil or water repellent properties. Mechanical and thermal finishing include processes such as calendering, napping, sanforizing, shearing, emerizing, singeing or heat setting . Textile fabrics are often refined by both textile-chemical as well as by mechanical or thermal finishing processes.

The following is a selection of our textile auxiliaries for finishing:

  • PERFIXAN – Anticrease Agents
  • PERIPRET – Antislip and Antisnag Agents, Lustering Agents
  • PERIGUARD – Water and Oil Repellents, Soil Release Products, Flame Retardants
  • PERISTAT – Antistatic Agents
  • PERIBLANC – Optical Brighteners

For further information on our handle-modifying auxiliaries and softeners as well as on our products for yarn finishing, please follow the subsequent links:

  • PERISOFT – Softeners and Handle-Modifying Auxiliaries
  • PERIFIL – Yarn and Sewing Yarn Lubricants
  • PERIXEN – Coning Oils and Yarn Lubricants
  • PERIBOND – Bonding Agents for Sewing Yarns

PERFIXAN – Anticrease Agents

Textiles made of cellulosic fibers, such as cotton, viscose, lyocell or linen, as well as their blends tend to crease and shrink. Resin finishing can help to achieve crease protection as well as shape stabilization. Garments made of resin finished fabrics are often labeled “crease-resistant”, “non-iron”, “easy-care”, or “wash-and-wear”. Besides low-level-formaldehyde products we also offer formaldehyde-free crosslinking agents.

PERIPRET – Antislip and Antisnag Finishing, Lustering Agents

Antislip agents prevent the displacement of threads in woven fabrics. As a result, both slip resistance and seam strength are improved. Delicate knitted fabrics are prone to snagging. This tendency can be reduced by finishing with PERIPRET auxiliaries. In order to improve luster and smoothness, especially for textiles made of cotton, we offer special finishing agents for producing glossy effects. With additional calendering, a maximum luster can be obtained with PERIPRET.

PERIGUARD – Water and Oil Repellents, Soil Release Products, Flame Retardants

Fluorocarbons provide textiles with water and oil repellent properties. For water repellent finishing we also offer fluorocarbon-free hydrophobic agents, such as PERIGUARD PR and PERIGUARD WRC. The PERIGUARD product range also includes soil release products for improved removability of soil during laundering. Many home textiles as well as technical textiles must meet high requirements regarding their burning behavior and flammability. In order to pass the corresponding burning tests, these textiles are finished with special flame retarding agents. We offer a large number of PERIGUARD flame retardants for various requirements and application methods.

PERISTAT – Antistatic Agents

During processing or wearing, synthetic textiles tend to static charging, especially in low humidity conditions. Our PERISTAT products can effectively prevent static charging. Our product range includes both antistatic agents for padding and exhaust processes.

PERIBLANC – Optical Brighteners

Our PERIBLANC range includes optical brighteners to increase the grade of whiteness in various color nuances for all synthetic and natural fibers. We offer products which can be utilized in both the exhaust process, for example in combination with other pretreatments such as bleaching, as well as in the padding process, where it is applied in combination with a high-grade finishing liquor.

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