Process Optimization

Ecological requirements and economic challenges for the manufacturing processes in the textile supply chain are steadily increasing. In almost every company one can find plenty of optimization potential for processes, procedures and recipes. By optimization you can safe valuable resources, such as water and energy, and the costs involved. But you can also reduce the machine utilization and thus increase the efficiency in your production.

The present procedures in textile finishing mills often have potential to improve the quality, ensure the reproducibility, and increase the process safety, with only little effort.

Improved Recipes and Production Schedules

If the client would like to improve his textile manufacturing processes, first of all our application technicians and engineers analyze, together with the customer’s specialists, the current status of the production procedures. Subsequently our textile finishing experts work out the optimization potential of the various processes.

Sometimes you can safe complete process steps – such as time- and cost-intensive drying processes – in the production route, or you can reduce the drying and condensation temperatures. Often you can improve recipes by minimizing the liquor ratio or the applied quantities of chemicals and auxiliaries, without any loss in quality. Usually the reduced use of products also lowers the COD and BOD values in the effluent.

Set and Reach Your Environmental Targets

Our specialists offer comprehensive professional consulting service concerning the protection of nature and environment. Thereby we do not only take ecological and economical aspects into account, but we also consider the application of sustainable products in textile finishing. Moreover we check the possibilities of how you can manufacture highest quality with modern, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly processes in your textile mill.

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