Research – Our Investment in the Future

As an inventive company, we are actively seeking to shape the textile chemical industry and the future of textile chemistry. Only by intensive research in new areas, we can promote the development of modern procedures, innovative products and sustainable, eco-friendly processes.

The chemists and engineers in our research and development department are constantly developing new ideas and testing the possibilities of their realization in industrial workplace. Not only are we diligent in the fields of traditional textile chemistry and finishing – pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing – but we also expand our pursuits into other areas of the industry, such as the broad field of specialized technical textiles.

We are involved in research projects with both research institutes as well as textile manufacturing companies. This enables us to make sure that we can continually find practicable and economical solutions together. In the research field, we collaborate closely with the following renowned German research institutes:

Completed Research Projects

The following is a partial listing of research projects which we have been involved in:

  • LANAZYM – Ecological felt-free wool treatment
    in co-operation with the DWI and Richter Kammgarn (German manufacturer of worsted yarn
  • Contact-free infrared needle temperature measurement
    in co-operation with Stuttgart University and DITF Denkendorf
  • Highly efficient, biodegradable sizing agent based on chitosan
    in co-operation with DITF Denkendorf, DTNW Krefeld, Lauffenmühle GmbH (German textile finishing company) and further project partners

Please Contact Us

Rudi Breier, Head of Development

If you are interested in a research collaboration or in further information on our completed projects, please contact our colleagues from the research and development department. They always enjoy discussing advances in the field and brainstorming about developmental possibilities.