Yarn Lubricants

Through the application of a lubricant, yarns are prepared for subsequent processing steps. Lubricants, coning oils, warping oils and bonding agents ensure that the yarns, threads and twists can withstand the high technical demands of the weaving, knitting, sewing or embroidering procedures.

The high production speeds in textile weaving and knitting impose high demands on the yarns. The yarns need to be rapidly unrolled from the cones and must not break during weaving or knitting. In order to achieve these requirements, yarn lubricants must improve the gliding properties of the yarn. Other aspects such as antistatic or softness are also important for smooth processes. In order to avoid breakage, the yarn should show a preferably low and homogeneous friction value. This is essential to avoid the stick-slip-effect. Especially when sewing heavy woven fabrics or leather, the friction between needle and fabric can cause extremely high needle temperatures. This can lead to melting of the sewing thread and thus to breakage of the yarn or the damage of the sewing material. An optimal yarn lubricant provides both excellent lubrication properties, as well as heat protection.

Knitting yarns need good gliding properties, but optical aspects must also be considered. So the chosen yarn lubricant will improve the processability and, at the same time, will not have a negative impact on the brilliance of the yarns.

We offer a broad assortment of auxiliaries which are coordinated with the various yarn, thread and twist application fields:

  • PERIFIL – Emulsion-Based Yarn Lubricants
  • PERIXEN – Water-Free Yarn Lubricants and Coning Oils
  • PERIBOND – Bonding Agents for Sewing Yarns  

PERIFIL – Emulsion-Based Yarn Lubricants

Substances which improve the gliding properties of yarns are usually water insoluble oils or waxes. By preparing emulsions with special emulsifiers and additives, these oily/waxy lubricants can be applied on the threads in cost-effective exhaustion processes. With our PERIFIL range, we offer emulsions for the exhaust method, which are suitable for the finishing of weaving and knitting yarns as well as sewing and embroidery threads made of various materials (for example cotton, polyester, polyamide, wool, polyacrylic).

In addition to the emulsions for the exhaust process, our PERIFIL product line also offers emulsions for the finishing of sewing threads by lick-roll or precision pump application. These special lubricants can be put to use when a sewing thread needs to meet extremely high demands concerning gliding properties and heat protection.

PERIXEN – Waterfree Yarn Lubricants and Coning Oils

Waterfree lubricants are applied by lick-roll or precision pump. No additional drying steps are required for this application. Cold melt or hot melt products are usually used for the lubrication of sewing and embroidery threads. The viscosity of cold melts is matched to an application at room temperature. Due to their high viscosity, hot melts are applied via a heat unit and are used for yarns which need to withstand high mechanical stresses. Waterfree products which are used for weaving or knitting yarns, are called coning oils. Our PERIXEN range includes numerous waterfree cold melts, hot melts and coning oils for a wide variety of yarns and applications.

PERIBOND – Bonding Agents for Sewing Yarns

Special high-performance sewing threads which need to be extremely resistant, and are made of polyamide, polyester or polyethylene, are bonded. Through the bonding process, the single filaments of the yarn and the single yarns of the twist are joint together. This avoids splits in the sewing thread during further processing. Bonding also protects the thread in the seam against mechanical impacts.

There are two different types of bonding: interior bonding with a melt yarn and bonding by finishing where the threads are immersed in a water- or solvent-based bath, which contains the dissolved polymers. Subsequently, a contact-free drying step is carried out to form the polymer film. In our PERIBOND product line we offer a variety of polyurethane and polyamide-based bonding agents for threads, yarns and twists.

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