A proper pretreatment of textiles is the basis for even and reproducible results in all subsequent finishing processes, such as dyeing and printing. When pretreating textiles, it is important to remove all interfering and accompanying substances from the fibers.

The area of pretreatment includes, among others, the following process steps:

  • Washing and Scouring
  • Desizing
  • Bleaching 
  • Mercerising, alkalizing, and caustisizing
  • Optical brightening  

A high degree of whiteness on white fabrics can be achieved by applying the proper bleaching process and the addition of optical brighteners. Even dyeing and even effects in printing, coating, and finishing can be obtained only on suitably prepared, absorbent textiles, which have been cleaned from all interfering substances.

For the textile pretreatment of natural and synthetic fibers we offer the following product groups:

  • PERIFOAM – Defoamers 
  • PERLAVIN – Washing Agents, Detergents
  • PERIPLEX – Complexing Agents 
  • PERIQUEST – Sequestering Agents
  • PERISTAL – Stabilizers
  • PERIWET – Wetting Agents, Deaerating Agents 
  • PERIBLANC – Optical Brighteners 
  • PERIZYM – Enzymes

PERIFOAM – Defoamers

Our PERIFOAM defoamers prevent the undesirable formation of foam in finishing liquors. Existent foam is being destroyed and further foam formation is inhibited effectively.

PERLAVIN – Washing Agents, Detergents

We have special washing agents for all kinds of fibers in our product range. Our PERLAVIN products for pretreatment can be applied in washing, scouring and bleaching processes. They have outstanding cleaning properties and dispersing capacities.

PERIPLEX and PERIQUEST – Complexing Agents and Sequestering Agents

Our sequestering and complexing agents are being used in textile pretreatment for binding interfering metal ions in the liquor, such as heavy metal or hardness-causing ions, and for removing them from the textile goods.

PERISTAL – Stabilizers

In order to stabilize bleaching liquors for continuous and discontinuous bleaching processes with hydrogen peroxide, we offer different bleaching agents and stabilizers. Our range also comprises numerous multifunctional PERISTAL products for different applications. Besides the bleaching stabilization they also have sequestering, wetting, washing and deaerating properties.  

PERIWET – Wetting Agents, Deaerating Agents

Quick and level wetting of textile goods is important in all textile-chemical processes, in order to obtain even finishing effects. Our PERIWET wetting and deaerating auxiliaries offer quick wetting and deaeration properties and accelerate the level penetration of the liquor into the goods.

PERIBLANC – Optical Brighteners

Our PERIBLANC range contains many optical brighteners with different color shades for increasing the degree of whiteness on all synthetic and natural fibers. We are offering products which can be applied by exhaustion – for example in combination with other pretreatment steps such as bleaching – as well as by padding.

PERIZYM – Enzymes

We offer many different enzyme auxiliaries for textile pretreatment, such as amylase, pectinase, cellulase and catalase formulations. Our amylase products are used for the biocatalytic desizing of woven fabrics which are sized with starch. Pectinase formulations are applied in bioscouring processes in order to replace the traditional alkaline scouring, which requires plenty of alkali. PERIZYM cellulases are used as biocatalysts in the pretreatment of cotton, but also for the stone-washing of garments. Surface hairiness is removed enzymatically, which entails cleaner fabric surfaces and which reduces the tendency to pilling. Our catalase enzymes are utilized subsequent to peroxide bleaching of cellulose fibers as well as their blends, in order to decompose the residual hydrogen peroxide in the liquor.

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