Customized Product Development

Individual tasks require customized solutions. We are happy to receive impulses from our customers for new, innovative procedures and applications. In this way, we can work with you to develop textile chemicals and auxiliaries, which are specifically customized to your requirements. Of course, these products which are developed in such joint ventures will be exclusively available to your company.

Together in discussion form, with the protection of a confidentiality agreement, we ask you to present to us the process steps or procedures which you want to implement or improve. We will also discuss new textile features or effects which you would like to realize. We will then suggest possible chemical alternatives and identify the pros and cons of each of these variations. After collaborating with you on the specifics of your goals, we will prepare customized samples in our laboratory and make these available for testing either in your plant or in our facilities. After the primary testing has been completed, we will then adjust the recipes and procedures until we obtain the results which you need in order to run trials on an industrial scale.

The Latest State of the Art Techniques

We enthusiastically accept the challenges of the textile market. Our specialists regularly attend international machinery exhibitions, specialized conferences and symposiums. as well as fashion and textile fairs. In this manner, we are able to remain informed on the innovations in the textile fields and are able to react quickly with new developments for fashionable trends and technical challenges.

Please Contact Us

Rudi Breier, Head of Development

Do you have ideas for the development of new products? Simply contact us – we are open for your considerations. Alternatively, you can also send us a message via our contact form.