The quality standards in the textile industry are constantly increasing. Besides level, even dyeings and reproducible color shades textile dyeing also requires good color fastnesses. These can be obtained by optimally adapted dyeing processes and the application of suitable textile auxiliaries.

For safe control of the dyeing processes, you need the suitable machinery and equipment. Beyond that, process control requires the appropriate dyeing auxiliaries. Unfavorable formation of foam or crease marks, but also insufficient wetting of the fibers in the dyeing machines result in unlevel dyeings. Insufficient rinsing or soaping of the dyed fabrics, fibers or yarns as well as an inadequate after-treatment subsequent to dyeing, can lead to unsatisfactory color fastness.

In order to achieve optimal dyeing results, we offer professional consulting service for textile dyeing. Moreover our product range comprises the following product lines for dyeing natural and synthetic fibers like cotton, wool, silk, polyester, polyamide, and polyacrylic:

  • PERIFOAM – Defoamers
  • PERIWET – Wetting Agents, Deaerating Agents
  • PERIGEN – Levelling and Dispersing Agents
  • PERILAN – Crease Inhibitors
  • PERISTAL – Buffers
  • PERFIXAN – After-Treatment Agents
  • PERIQUEST and PERIPLEX – Sequestering and Complexing Agents
  • PERLAVIN – Soaping Agents
  • PERETARD – Retarders

PERIFOAM – Defoamers

Our PERIFOAM defoamers prevent the formation of foam in the dyeing bath, already existing foam is effectively destroyed.

PERIWET – Wetting Agents, Deaerating Agents

Quick and level wetting of textile goods as well as proper deaerating is very important for obtaining even dyeings. Our PERIWET wetting and deaerating auxiliaries offer rapid wetting and deaerating properties. They accelerate the level penetration of the liquor into the goods and remove air bubbles from the textiles.

PERIGEN – Levelling and Dispersing Agents

PERIGEN levelling agents slow down the absorption of the dyestuff uptake on the fibers. Thus you can achieve level dyeings with disperse, acid, metal complex, vat, sulfur, direct and reactive dyestuffs. For acid and metal complex dyes we offer fiber and dyestuff affine levelling agents.

PERIGEN dispersing agents improve the stability of dyeing liquors. Precipitations and agglomerations of dyestuffs can be prevented effectively.

PERILAN – Crease Inhibitors

Crease inhibitors improve the running properties of woven and knitted fabric when dyed in ropes. Through the better gliding and displacement of the goods during washing, bleaching, and dyeing, the PERILAN crease preventing agents inhibit abrasion and chafe marks.

PERISTAL – Buffers, pH Regulators, Acid and Alkalis Donors

Reproducible dyeing results require an exact adjustment of the pH value. Our PERISTAL product range contains acid donors as well as acidic and alkaline buffers for textile dyeing. Non-volatile buffering systems have an important role for the neutralization of textiles according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

PERFIXAN – After-Treatment Agents for Improvement of Wet Fastnesses

For achieving good contact and washing fastness properties of dyeings and printings, dark colors and critical color shades need to be after-treated. Our PERFIXAN fixing agents ensure that the dyestuffs are fixed perfectly on the textile substrate. Thus the wet fastness of the textiles can be improved significantly.

PERIQUEST and PERIPLEX – Sequestering and Complexing Agents

Our PERIQUEST sequestering agents and PERIPLEX complexing agents are used in textile dyeing in order to reduce the influence of disturbing water hardness and to disperse unfixed dyestuffs.

PERLAVIN – Soaping Agents

Dyestuff hydrolyzate on reactive dyeings can be removed effectively from the cellulosic fibers through the use of special PERLAVIN soaping agents. The soaping step also leads to improved color fastnesses.

PERETARD – Retarders

Our PERETARD retarders were developed for dyeing acrylic fibers with basic dyes. The fiber affine products effect a uniform and level dyestuff pick-up.

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