Garment Finishing

Garment finishing involves pretreatment, dyeing and finishing of ready-made clothing as well as the washing, bleaching and finishing of denim jean garments. The treatment of ready-made garment pieces makes it possible to respond to the newest fashion trends and quickly implement modern, innovative and creative effects.

At the start of the garment finishing in the 19th and 20th century, there were no separate dyehouses for garments, but garments – which were usually already worn – were dyed with a variety of colors in small laundries. The industrial finishing of garments started with the introduction of the jeans-fabrics onto the market. By the 1980’s, the uses for jeans garment were no longer limited to raw denim pants and jackets, but had expanded into large scale production processes with applications for a variety of washings and modern effects. In the field today, new fashion and color trends are constantly being developed and implemented through the use of special garment treatments on prefabricated garments and clothing articles.

Garment Pretreatment

Before further processing, it is important that prefabricated garment pieces are properly prepared. Uniform, reproducible coloring and finishing effects can only be obtained on garments which have been completely desized and thoroughly rinsed to eliminate all interfering substances. Especially in the pretreatment of blue jeans, it is important to prevent back-staining so that the undyed weft yarn is not soiled with indigo dyestuff.

Biopolishing with Cellulases

To obtain diverse handle effects and various washings on dyed garments, we offer numerous enzyme preparations for garment washing of cellulose textiles. Our neutral cellulase products provide little loss of weight and tensile strength while reducing back-staining. Acid cellulases work ideally in acid pH range and are optimally suited for stone washing of blue denim articles.

Stone Washing with Pumice Stones and PERILITH

During stone washing with pumice stones, textile materials are often severely damaged. In order to increase the abrasion and brightening effects, cellulases and other auxiliaries are added during the washing process. This reduces the processing time and minimized the mechanical damage to the garments. For washing delicate fabrics and for obtaining specialized effects, we also offer our extraordinary PERILITH stones.

Garment Dyeing

For producing two-tone over-dye, special old-dye, and wave-dye effects, we offer our specialized PERICOLOR pigment dyes and various binder systems. In addition, we also have dyeing auxiliaries, such as wetting agents and wrinkle inhibitors available for optimal dyeing results on ready-made garments.

Garment Finishing

Many different mechanical techniques are used in garment finishing. The textiles are treated, for example, through the use of brushes, laser, abrasive papers and sand blasting techniques. Furthermore, textile-chemical processes are carried out to achieve particular wrinkles, crash and color effects, as well as for producing special handle and coating variations. We offer a complete assortment of textile auxiliaries for finishing fashionable garments, fixing agents for improving fastness, and yellowing inhibitors for indigo dyed fabrics.

Garment Bleaching

Traditional techniques for local bleaching effects on denim are obtained with ecologically questionable chemicals, such as potassium permanganate or chlorine. We offer environment-friendly alternatives for bleaching of indigo. These products can be applied by both spraying or brushing.

Our product range comprises numerous special auxiliaries for garment finishing, such as:

  • PERLAVIN – Washing Agents
  • PERIZYM – Enzymes
  • PERICOLOR – Color Pigments
  • PERFIXAN – Fixing Agents
  • PERISOFT – Softeners
  • PERIPRET – Special Auxiliaries and Finishings
  • PERICOAT – Polymers and Additives for Special Effects
  • PERILITH – Perlite Stones for Stone Wash Effects
  • PERISTAL – Buffering Systems, pH Regulators, Acid and Alkali Donors 

PERLAVIN – Washing Agents

Detergents used for garment washing on industrial washers, for classical garment washing, special washing of indigo, sulphur and pigment dyed garments as well as for soaping of reactive dyeings. We offer special garment washing agents which prevent back-staining, are non-toxic for enzymes and can be used in combination with our PERIZYM enzymes.

PERIZYM – Enzymes

Our PERIZYM formulas are optimized for use in garment finishing through supplementation with special additives. Amylases are applied in garment pretreatment for starch-sized goods. With our PERIZYM laccases, we offer special enzyme preparations for bleaching denim articles. These special auxiliaries are used in an environmentally friendly discoloring process for indigo and sulphur dyed denim and results in an interesting dirty look effect. Our highly efficient neutral and acid cellulase formulas are well-suited for use in biofinishing and garment stone washing.

PERICOLOR – Color Pigments

For garment dyeing, we have various non-ionic and cationic PERICOLOR pigments in our assortment. Our pigment dyestuffs are suitable for exhaust-dyeing processes and can also be locally applied with spray technique on garment. In addition to level monochrome textiles, fashionable effects such as washed out, faded garments and – by overdyeing of pre-dyed pieces – bi-color dyeing effects.

PERFIXAN – Fixing Agents

Fixing agents are used for the fixation of dyestuff on the fiber. We have textile auxiliaries specially developed for indigo fixation as well as for improved fastness of pigment dyes. With our special PERFIXAN pre-cationizing agents for pigment dyeing, new dyeing techniques can be implemented with extraordinary results, such as old-dye or wave-dye effects.

PERISOFT – Softeners

For garment finishing, we offer PERISOFT softeners for cellulosic fibers based on silicones, waxes, quaternary compounds, and fatty acid condensation products. Our softening agents for indigo-dyed denim garments help to minimize ozone fading.

PERIPRET – Special Auxiliaries and Finishings

We have a variety of specialty products for finishing garments. Aside from formaldehyde-free auxiliaries for luster effects and easy-care finishing, we offer various agents for achieving particular handle effects. To make our PERIPRET product range complete, we include binders for pigment dyeing in the exhaustion process.

PERICOAT – Polymers and Additives for Special Effects

Our special PERICOAT product range for garment finishing includes binder systems for pigment dyeing as well as polymers for obtaining pearlescent and leather-like effects. These products can be applied both through the exhaust process in the washing machine as well as locally by brush or spray application.

PERILITH – Perlite Stones for Stone Wash Effects

Our PERILITH stones are well suited for stone washing delicate and sensitive articles. The result is softer handles in comparison to effects achieved with normal pumice stones. Silky peach-skin effects are possible due to the smaller size of the PERILITH stones. Not only do they work on the surface, but also on the inside the fabric. PERILITH stones can be soaked with liquids, such as dyeing or bleaching liquors before they are put to use. During the finishing process, the stones gradually release the liquids onto the goods. Outstanding finishing effects can be achieved with this process.

PERISTAL – Buffering Systems, pH Regulators, Acid and Alkali Donors

The exact adjustment of the pH value is required for reproducible dyeings as well as for pH sensitive processes, such as enzymatic treatments. Our PERISTAL product line includes acid donors as well as acidic and alkaline buffers. Non-volatile buffering systems play an important role in the neutralization of textile goods in accordance with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

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Our product line offers a wide variety of textile auxiliaries for finishing and washing denim garments and prefabricated apparel. There are almost no limits when it comes to creativity in the garment sector. Naturally, you can modify our product and application recommendations and use them in your own individual methods. Our garment specialists have years of valuable experience in the garment and fashion sector. Should you require technical support with testing our auxiliaries or if you have any questions, our specialized application engineers are happy to provide assistance.