Customer-Oriented Garment Service

Our garment specialists operate worldwide and provide personal support on site at your garment laundry as well as through laboratory and technical services at our garment technology center in Reutlingen. Our technical garment support covers all areas of finishings for prefabricated denim and non-denim garments. In close collaboration with your designers and creative teams, we develop new washings, dyeings, innovative fashionable styles and novel stylish effects. In addition, we assist our customers with converting from existing recipes to environmentally friendly textile auxiliaries which meet the various requirements for ecological standards such as GOTS, ZDHC or bluesign®.

Process Optimization in Garment Finishing

In the denim and non-denim garment sector, we collaborate closely with the designers and creative teams of diverse laundries, denim manufacturers, finishing mills, fashion labels as well as fashion manufacturers.

We advise our customers on the optimization of current procedures and on the conversion to new, water-saving and environmentally friendly processes and recipes. For example, through the use of special spraying and dosing technology, chemicals and textile auxiliaries can be applied directly on the garments in the drum washing machine. We supply you with modern products and field-tested, proven recipes in order for you to achieve reproducible results.

Our textile auxiliaries comply with various ecological and social standards, such as GOTS, ZDHC and bluesign®. We can help you to replace environmentally critical products or procedures with our modern variants. One example is the spray bleaching of indigo-dyed denim jeans with our PERISTAL BLI ECO system, which is an eco-friendly alternative to potassium permanganate (KMnO4) and is free of chlorine and heavy metals.

Problem Solving for Technical Tasks

In the event of technical problems, we provide you with timely support and practical solutions. We help you with reworking faulty batches or repairing storage damages caused by improper storage. Our service includes both solutions to problems caused by odor or mold, as well as improvements of wet and dry fastnesses of garment dyeings or indigo-dyed denim articles, especially dark styles. We also offer processing and product recommendations for the improvement of the pilling behavior of ready-made cotton or wool garments. In the event of stains caused by corroded metal applications and accessories, we can suggest suitable concepts for solving the particular type of damage.

On-Site Customer Support in Laundries

Our technical customer support team assists you in your on-site at your laundry to carry out field trials with new products, to optimize your processes, as well as to development new fashionable effects and styles. You can always count on the support of our development and service departments as well as on our technical laboratories. Our service technicians and engineers have many years of practical experience in international garment laundries and with various fashion labels. They are pleased to share with you their expertise and know-how.

Customer Trials in the Garment Technology Center

In our Technical Garment Center in Reutlingen, we invite you to use our modern machine pool to do trials and experiments. On a technical scale, we can run small batch sizes under practical conditions, liquor ratios, and machine parameters. With our drum washing machines, we can develop and test products and recipes for washings and dyeings. In our spray cabin, we can run tests on new bleaching agents, coatings or effects. The manual finishing of jeans garments, such as grinding, sanding, scraping, brushing and scrubbing, is possible on our scraping mannequin. All results from trials completed in our technical center can be subsequently tested in our laboratories for other characteristics such as fastnesses and tear resistance.

Possible Processes in the Garment Technology Center

For practical tests and trials the following methods can be applied in our technology center under realistic practical conditions on ready-made garment pieces of all different clothing sectors, like jeans, denim, women’s apparel, menswear:

  • Desizing
  • Biopolishing
  • Washing
  • Dyeing
  • Bleaching
  • Spray application in the spraying cabin
  • Drying in the tumble drier (with/without silicone balls)
  • Cold-Dye in the clothes drier
  • Drying or steaming in the curing oven
  • Finishing on the horizontal scraping mannequin (manual treatments like brushing, sanding, grinding, scrubbing, scraping)
  • Pressing and Fixing on the ironing press 
  • Laser treatment (we can use the equipment of an outside garment laundry for experimental purposes) 

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