Our Responsibility

As a producer of textile auxiliaries, we have a responsibility for our environment, our employees and to the people who work with our products. For this reason, protection of human health and nature conservation are two extremely important issues in our business practices.

Health, Safety, Environment

Trustworthy cooperation with our clients, suppliers and staff members is of utmost importance to us. In addition to meeting legal regulatory requirements, we are dedicated to making permanent improvements in areas of health, safety and environment protection. We work closely with the German chemical industry association (VCI – Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.), through which we have also joined the initiative Responsible Care.

Our Corporate Objectives

Satisfied clients are the foundation of our success. We aim to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. It is with excellent quality products, fast service and professional consulting that we are able to achieve this objective. In order to meet our high environmental goals, and for promoting sustainability in textile industry, our developers constantly create and improve eco-friendly products, procedures and auxiliaries for textile finishing. At our production plants, we continue our efforts to constantly reduce our energy and water consumption. With our photovoltaic energy system, we produce climate friendly solar power and reduce our environmental footprint while improving our ecological balance.

Ecological Responsibility

Water, energy and raw materials are important production factors in the textile industry. This is why we use these resources in a responsible manner. Besides saving oil, gas and electricity, we reduce freshwater consumption and avoid spreading pollutants by air or waste water. We also concentrate on producing as little waste as possible and recycling reusable materials.

Our Team: The Greatest Asset

In our family business, we have a flat organizational structure and encourage our employees to be innovative and develop their individual ideas. Our laboratories and offices are modern and bright. Employees can work flexible schedules and are encouraged to attend internal and external advanced training opportunities. Through advanced training and awareness of our personnel, not only can we meet our demanding self-imposed environmental goals, but also ensure a high level of safety in the workplace.

We Support You in Protecting the Environment

Our specialists offer comprehensive consulting for reaching your own sustainability goals. When making our recommendations, we always pay attention to the ecological and economical aspects of the procedures. We take into account the sustainable use of our products and make sure that our customers can produce with sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly procedures.

If you need support for optimizing your procedures, please feel free to contact our experts.

Please click here if you wish to read the article “Sustainability in the textile industry” written by Dr. Friedrich Petry and published in the English language journal Melliand.