Best Quality Made in Modern Production Facilities

Due to our long-term experience in the production of chemicals, we are able to ensure a consistent high quality of our specialty products and auxiliaries. Also the investment in modern and safe plants at our production sites is very important to us. In order to produce as sustainable as possible, we put emphasis on implementing energy saving measures.

Flexible Production for Fast Delivery

It is important to us to supply our customers as quickly as possible. By means of a flexible production planning, intelligent stock policy and storekeeping of raw materials and intermediate products, we are able to deliver your ordered products at short notice. Of course we nevertheless consequently carry out all quality controls of raw materials, during the production process as well as of our final products. By optimal quality management and our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 we can ensure highest quality.

Chemical High Tech Production

Our modern reactors and agitator vessels can run at different temperatures and pressures. We can produce at up to 175 °C and 5 bar. Also, we can carry out syntheses, such as esterifications, condensation reactions and polymerizations in a protective atmosphere. Beyond that we are experienced in manufacturing stable aqueous emulsions and dispersions. Our annual global production capacity is about 20,000 tons. We manufacture from small sample batches up to full truck deliveries.

Sustainability and Safety

Water and energy have a big share in the production costs of the chemical industry. We handle these valuable resources responsibly and try to save them, for instance by reducing the consumption of freshwater and steam. In order to waste as little cooling and heating energy as possible, all our production facilities have modern heat recovery systems as well as recooling plants. Our production effluent is cleaned in wastewater treatment facilities, so no pollutants can contaminate the environment. The exhaust air from the manufacturing plants is also cleaned before being released. Our environmental management is regularly certified according to the DIN EN ISO 14001 standards. It is important for us to make sure that our chemical production facilities comply with high safety regulations, to make sure our employees and the environment are protected.

Stock and Production Quality Assurance

All of our raw materials, intermediate and finished products are stored under optimal, safe stock conditions. This is how we can ensure their maximum shelf-life. The chemicals which we process, have to pass the raw material control in our quality laboratories for being released for production. Suppliers and raw materials must meet the requirements of our purchasing specification. Equally every production batch needs to undergo our quality assurance before being filled. No delivery leaves our plants without passing the quality checks. From each lot we keep a retention sample which we store for several years.

Safe, Ecological and Economic Packaging

As our customer, you chose the packaging in which container our products shall be supplied in. We offer the following types of packaging:

  • Truck delivery up to 20,000 liters filling capacity
  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC tank) with 1,000 liters filling volume
  • Barrels with 120 liters filling volume
  • Barrels with 60 liters filling volume
  • Small containers according to customer’s request

Due to ecological reasons, we suggest the delivery in IBC tanks. Shipped by road or sea transport, five 120 liter barrels (that is 600 liters) require the same space as a 1,000 liter storage container. So with an IBC tank you can contribute to a more sustainable shipping and save delivery and energy costs.

We Produce Your Products in Commission

We offer you comprehensive professional service for the production of chemical products. You can benefit from our manufacturing service as well as from our know-how and our practical knowledge of our staff. Our experienced production team manufactures your products according to your own recipes.

If you are interested in closing a commission production contract with us: