When coating textile fabrics, a polymer paste or a foam is applied through the use of a coating system. The coating is applied via a knife system, a lick-roll application or with a rotary printing screen. Coated textiles are manufactured not only for the fashion industry, but also for the technical sector.

Coated textiles are useful in a wide variety of industries. Examples of these uses are workwear, functional clothing, filter membranes, solar protection textiles (such as awnings, roller blinds, blackout curtains), mattresses, mosquito protection, outdoor clothing, canvas, smart textiles, carpets, warning apparels, tents as well as for the automotive and military sector (parachutes, geotextiles, camouflage nets, or protective clothing). Trendy apparels made of artificial leather or fabrics with luster or glitter effects, are also manufactured from coated textile materials.

Textile coating is carried out by application of a polymer layer onto the textile. The thickness of the coating is variable. The coating can serve different functional purposes. Various special effects and functions can be achieved through coating, laminating, or lining. Examples of these properties include:

  • Breathable
  • Flame retardant
  • Lightproof
  • Airtight
  • Antislip
  • Stiffened
  • Water-repellent
  • Waterproof, but still vapor-permeable

PERICOAT – Coating Polymers and Additives

For coating textile surfaces and for the application in fleece production as well as in pigment printing and dyeing, we offer the following PERICOAT polymers:

  • Polyvinyl acetate
  • Polyacrylate
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyvinyl chloride

Beyond synthetic polymers we also offer the following PERICOAT polymer compounds and coating additives:

  • PERICOAT COMPOUND – Polymer Compounds
  • PERICOAT FOAMER and STABILIZER – Foaming Agents and Foam Stabilizers
  • PERICOAT CROSSLINKER – Crosslinking Systems
  • PERICOAT – Matting Agents
  • PERIFOAM – Defoamers

Our PERICOAT coating products can be applied with the current coating systems as aqueous dispersion, paste or foam. They are suited for knife coating (knife on roll, knife on air), by kiss roll application or by rotary printing. Depending on the intended purpose and the used product, an allover or partial application is possible.

PERICOAT COMPOUND – Polymer Compounds

The PERICOAT compounds contain all components which are needed for a specific coating application in only one product. This ensures an easy, simple and safe application in practice. Upon customer request we develop custom, self-crosslinking compounds, which combine different functionalities, such as flame retardancy and water repellency, in just one formulation.

PERICOAT FOAMER and STABILIZER – Foaming Agents and Foam Stabilizers

We offer special surfactants and foam stabilizers for foam coating. Depending on the application, stable, metastable or instable foams can be produced by using our PERICOAT FOAMER auxiliaries. For metastable and stable foam coatings, a foam stabilizer, such as our PERICOAT STABILIZER STA, must be added in order to stabilize the foam.

PERICOAT – Crosslinking Systems

Our PERICOAT CROSSLINKER systems are added for the improvement of wear fastnesses, like washing and rubbing fastness. For preparing formaldehyde-free coatings we have special crosslinking systems in our product range.

PERICOAT – Matting Agents

PERICOAT SIK can be utilized as matting and anti-tack agent for paste as well as foam coatings.

PERIFOAM – Defoamers

In order to avoid undesirable foaming in coating dispersions and pastes, we recommend the application of our PERIFOAM defoaming agents.

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For textile coating we offer numerous coating polymers and additives. Beyond this, we also formulate custom-made compounds for your specific application. Our coating experts are looking forward to assisting you, if you need an individual coating solution or help with choosing the best product from our range.