Modern Laboratories

In our modern, state-of-the-art laboratories we can carry out analytical tests and elaborate solutions for technical matters and application issues. We are equipped with machinery, instruments, and devices in laboratory and pilot scale. This is how we can simulate practical textile processes in our labs and make sure, our product and process suggestions can be successfully put into practice.

Our Laboratory Service

Highly qualified textile and chemical laboratory assistants, textile engineers and chemists work in our modern analytical and application technical laboratories.

We offer the following testing possibilities:

  • Application tests of products
  • Customer specific elaborations for practice-oriented solutions and product suggestions 
  • Control of fastnesses and effects according to national and international standards, such as DIN and ISO
  • Textile chemical tests
  • Textile technical examinations
  • Quality control of products and raw materials in the analytical laboratory
  • Instrumental and chemical analyses

Application-Technical Laboratories

Our application-technical laboratories are optimally equipped for carrying out tests and experiments in the areas of pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, and coating. We have the necessary laboratory devices for testing fastnesses – from rubbing to washing fastness – according to different national and international standards such as DIN and ISO. We can also determine textile technical properties in-house, such as bursting pressure and tensile strength.

We intensively use the technical possibilities of our laboratories to steadily produce better products and new procedures. We simulate the practical processes of the textile industry in laboratory and pilot scale. Subsequently we analyze the achieved effects. Of course we offer this practice-oriented laboratory service also to our clients. This way we can develop well adapted solutions and optimally customized product suggestions and recipes.

Our Analytical Laboratory

In our analytical laboratory we can carry out numerous instrumental and chemical analyses. This is also where we perform the quality control of our intermediate and finished products as well as of our raw materials.

Please Contact Us

Our specialists, having many years of practical experience in textile finishing, offer you professional application technical consulting. If you are seeking a solution for a technical issue, or if you need a product suggestion or a laboratory elaboration in order to fulfil your customers’s requirements, please contact our experts.