Sizing in weaving production serves to protect the warp yarns during the weaving process. Protective sizing agents help the yarn to withstand high mechanical stress during weaving. They do this by improving the wear resistance of the warp threads and by reducing fiber abrasion. This prevents yarn breakage during weaving and thus machinery downtime. Furthermore, sizing improves the appearance of the woven fabric.

For an efficient production in the weaving department – as everywhere in the textile industry – a smooth-running operation must be warranted. Yarn breakage and thus downtime of weaving machines significantly decrease the productivity.

The weaving process is a major mechanical challenge for the yarns. Especially threads made of cotton, viscose, linen, wool and their blends with synthetic fibers, can get damaged by the intense, abrasive stress. This can cause thread breakage and abrasions to the yarns. The application of a protective sizing reduces abrasion and strengthens the warp yarns.

Often, classical starch sizes are insufficient for the demands of today’s modern, high performance weaving looms. The addition of synthetic sizing agents and additives is required. Furthermore, starch-based sizes must be removed from the woven fabric by extensive enzymatic or oxidative treatment before wet-finishing.

We offer a broad range of high-performance sizes based on renewable and synthetic raw materials. In addition, our assortment includes sizing additives and warp waxes. For further information on our most common sizing agents please download our brochure:

You will find our sizing agents and products for application in weaving preparation below:

  • EKAVIOL – Sizing agents based on polyvinyl alcohol
  • EKACELL – Sizing agents based on carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)
  • EKASTAR – Sizing agents based on potato starch
  • EKAGUM – Sizing agents based on galaktomannan as well as customized compounds
  • EKAWAX – Sizing waxes
  • EKAFIN – Smoothening agents
  • EKACOL – Cold sizes
  • PERFILAN – Sizing agents and additives 
  • PERIPRET CTS liq. – Sustainable sizing agent based on chitosan

EKAVIOL – Sizing Agents Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol

Our EKAVIOL sizing agents based on polyvinyl alcohol are characterized by high adhesive power. Depending on the desired properties the various products can form either glutinous, tear-resistant or elastic, transparent sizing films. The non-ionic EKAVIOL sizing agents can be combined with other sizing agents. They are suitable for natural fibers as well as for synthetic staple fibers and their blends.

EKACELL – Sizing Agents Based on Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

EKACELL agents, based on purifiedsodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) with low salt content are applicable on all staple fiber yarns. The products have an excellent adhesive power. The sized threads have a stiff handle. Compared with other sizes, EKACELL sizing films are low-dusting. As further advantage, CMC sizes can be removed from the woven fabric by a simple washing treatment at low temperatures. As a base for a subsequent coating the sizes based on carboxymethyl cellulose can also remain on the goods.

EKASTAR – Sizing Agents Based on Potato Starch

Apart from economic advantages our EKASTAR products offer very good sizing effects for all yarns made of natural staple fibers as well as for their blends with synthetic fibers. Depending on their chemical modification, our products made of biodegradable potato starch derivatives can be either removed by an enzymatic desizing step or in a simple washing process without any enzymes.

EKAGUM – Sizing Agents Based on Galactomannan As Well As Customized Compounds

The EKAGUM product range covers customized preparations as well as compounds made of diverse natural and synthetic raw materials. Our tailor-made specialty products offer various advantages such as easy handling. Some sizing agents were developed to comply with special technical requirements. Our EKAGUM sizing agents based on galactomannan are characterized by a very soft, smooth, supple handle. The warp threads can be easily separated in the dry dividing zone. Thus, the hairiness of the threads is significantly reduced. Galactomannan sizes create an elastic sizing film, provide a smoothness and minimize the clinging tendency. Yarns sized only with EKAGUM or with a mixture with other sizing agents are remarkably low-dusting when weaving.

EKAWAX – Sizing Waxes

For obtaining a smooth, flexible sized thread and an even fabric appearance, you can add EKAWAX sizing waxes to the sizing liquor. Our sizing waxes have foam-reducing and antistatic properties even at low application rates and they adhere very well to the sized yarns and threads. When applied as melting wax on a heatable overwaxing device they improve the fiber/fiber as well as the fiber/metal friction on the weaving loom. The size coating is more continuous and the size and fiber abrasion on the loom or the sizing machine is reduced. This way, you can extend the cleaning intervals. Even with warm temperatures above 30 °C our EKAWAX sizing waxes do not soil machine elements. Due to the excellent emulsifying system, they are well emulsifiable and can be washed out easily at the recommended washing temperatures. Further advantages of our sizing waxes are a more even fabric appearance and a good adhesion on the sized threads.

EKAFIN – Smootening Agents

Our liquid EKAFIN smoothening agents can be either added to the sizing liquor or applied as preparations on a conical sectional warping machine. They are suitable for warp yarns of all kinds of fibers and for all types of weaving looms. EKAFIN products smoothen and soften the treated threads. They reduce the abrasion and the number of yarn breakages during weaving and significantly decrease the dust formation.

EKACOL – Cold Sizes

EKACOL cold sizes can be applied on sectional warping machines, but also be used for the post preparation of sized warps made of spun fiber yarn. Our cold sizes improve the wear resistance , reduce the fiber abrasion, minimize the electrostatic charging, and reduce the clinging tendency of the yarns during weaving. EKACOL cold sizes can be easily removed in a simple washing step from the woven fabric.

PERFILAN – Sizing Agents and Additives

Our PERFILAN range includes a variety of sizing agents and additives used in warp preparation for yarns made of natural staple fibers as well as their blends with synthetic staple fibers.

Our liquid synthetic cold sizing agents provide warp yarns with an elevated surface smoothness and reduces fiber/fiber as well as fiber/metal friction . Furthermore, our products decrease electrostatic charge as well as the tendency of the yarns to cling during weaving. These sizing products can easily be removed from the textile fabrics by a simple washing process.

Our sizing additive range includes antistatic agents as well as size and warp waxes. These waxes are applied for improving the smoothness and abrasion resistance of the warp yarns.

PERIPRET CTS liq. – Sustainable Sizing Agent Based on Chitosan

Our modern, sustainable sizing agent based on chitosan polymers is produced from renewable resources and is completely biodegradable.

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