Reliable Laboratory Service

Our team of highly qualified laboratory chemists, textile and chemical- technical assistants, engineers, and chemists in the laboratory service department work quickly to deliver reliable results. We do our very best to respond immediately to laboratory inquiries regarding textile chemicals and processes, and deliver practical solutions. Furthermore, we are able to prepare field trials in our laboratory and evaluate obtained results.

Technical Application and Analytical Laboratories

In our technical application laboratory we are able to simulate and reproduce textile-chemical processes on a pilot scale. In doing so, we include all fields of textile chemistry, such as pretreatment, dyeing, finishing, yarn lubrication, printing, coating, finishing as well as garment washing and finishing. Our excellent technical equipment enables us to test and optimize products and procedures as well as to evaluate and control the physical properties of textiles. In our analytical laboratory, we can run chemical and instrumental analyses and offer analytical support for textile chemical issues.

Highest Quality Requirements in Textile Business

The demands for the quality of the textiles are increasing steadily. The textile business sector determines strict regulations for fastnesses and limits the use of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde. These regulations are far beyond the minimum standards which are required. We conduct many of our technical textile and chemical tests in accordance with international standards, such as DIN and ISO. For many different tasks, we have developed special internal testing methods. In order to provide comprehensive services to our customers, we work closely with renowned textile research institutes such as DITF Denkendorf and DTNW Krefeld.

Tests Which We Can Carry Out for You

The following list will give you an insight of which tests and analyses we can carry out for our customers in our laboratories according to different standards:

Textile technological and mechanical tests

  • Bursting pressure
  • Slip properties of yarns: friction coefficient, stick/slip
  • Sewability of textiles: measurement of needle penetration force
  • Heat protection for sewing yarns: needle temperature measurement
  • Pilling test
  • Tensile strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Tear resistance

Textile chemical and analytical examinations

  • Quantitative and qualitative determination of solid add-on
  • Formaldehyde content
  • Determination of oligomers
  • pH value of aqueous extract
  • Determination of sizing agents

Functional tests

  • Antistatic properties
  • Burning test
  • Oil repellency
  • Water repellency (spray test)
  • Water column

Further textile tests

  • Tests of fastnesses
    • Rub fastness
    • Fastness to perspiration
    • Fastness to washing
    • Fastness to water
  • Microscopy
  • Phenolic storage yellowing
  • Absorbing capacity, wettability
  • Degree of whiteness 

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Ulrike Beurer, Application technology

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