ITMA 2023

Thank you for visiting our booth A101 in Hall 5 at ITMA 2023. Below you have the possibility to get our exhibition news.

Sophisticated Yarn and Sewing Thread Lubricants

Our reliable PERIFIL lubricants with improved formulations offer perfect runnability for knitting and weaving yarns. Our sophisticated PERIXEN lubricants are recommended for use on sewing threads. The latest product range from our company is called PERICORD and used for the harness cord finishing.

LEAN Processes

What do our LEAN processes stand for?

  • Less time
  • Economical processes
  • Advanced chemistry
  • New technologies

Our LEAN processes improve efficiency by saving time, water and energy, thus reducing your production costs.

The LEAN concepts include advanced methods for single bath processes in pretreatment, dyeing and finishing or even allow you to save entire process steps.

Our latest development of products for LEAN processes is PERLAVIN SPC. It is a soaping agent for a single step soaping process in dyeing of medium to dark shades of PES/CO blends which does not require a reductive clearing after the PES dyeing.

Coating Solutions and Fire Retardancy

Our coating products are used in a wide range of applications such as workwear, functional and fashionable clothing, awnings, blackout curtain etc. We offer ready to use compounds which serve different functional purposes. According to the requirements all necessary ingredients like flame retardants, water repellents are already included.

Anionic Fixing Agent PERFIXAN TAL

PERFIXAN TAL is an anionic fixing agent for polyamide and polyamide/elastane fibers. The product is used to improve wash and contact fastness. It consists of tannin derivatives and is based on natural raw materials. Furthermore, it is free from phenol, bisphenols and formaldehyde. Additionally it also improves the color fastness to chlorinated water.

The Future in Durable Water Repellent Finishing

Our non-fluorinated PERIGUARD products provide finished fabrics with superior water repellent effects. The fluorine-free products can be applied easily by padding on all types of fibres. The sustainable and ecological products are the future in durable water repellent (DWR) finishing not only for apparel but also for technical textiles.

Sustainable Garment Dyeing and Finishing

Innovative garment dyeing processes are needed to implement fashion trends quickly and creatively. Simultaneously the requirements for ecological processes are increasing. Our answer to this are the natural PERICOLOR ECO pigments, our novel dyeing processes with cationic PERICOLOR CP pigments or our newly developed formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigment range PERILEN FL.

Low-Add-On Fluid Application

The innovative finishing technology by WEKO leads to minimized chemical consumption and waste at a liquor pick-up of only 10 to 35 % leading to cost and energy saving.

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