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Our comprehensive range of textile auxiliaries covers products for classic textile finishing, such as pretreatment, dyeing, printing, coating, and finishing, as well as yarn lubricants, sizing agents and specialty products and pigments for the garment washing and finishing sector. You can find further detailed information about our individual textile chemicals categories by clicking on the icon links above the various product categories. A complete listing of our custom products which are specifically adapted for your applications is available as download for the following product overview.

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Sizing agent compound for all fibre yarns // EKAGUM TS-33 is a water soluble sizing agent for all kinds of


Sizing agent for fibre yarns made of natural fibres and blends with synthetic fibres // EKAGUM TS-34 is a water


Water soluble sizing agent for all kinds of staple fibre yarns // EKASTAR CMS is a water soluble sizing agent