PERIPRET CT/RS liq.: Sizing Agent for Low Add-On Application

PERIPRET CT/RS liq. is a modern sizing agent for staple fiber yarns based on chitosan biopolymer. We developed the product which is suitable for spray and low add-on application in cooperation with RotaSpray - member of WEKO Holding. Threads sized with PERIPRET CT/RS liq. provide optimum weaving properties. The use of PERIPRET CT/RS liq. distinctly reduces the number of warp breakages. As a result, the efficiency of weaving machines is increased. PERIPRET CT/RS liq. is an especially eco-friendly, sustainable size which offers both ecological as well as economic advantages.

PERIPRET CT/RS liq.: Sizing Agent for Low Add-On Application

Image of a rotating disk spraying liquor droplets.
Sizing agent PERIPRET CT/RS liq.: The biopolymer on chitosan basis is an environmentally friendly solution for spray and minimum application processes.

Chitosan Size for Minimum Application Techniques

PERIPRET CT/RS liq. is a chitosan size which is appropriately suitable for application by minimum application devices such as rotor spray systems. PERIPRET CT/RS liq. is biodegradable and based on renewable raw materials. Chitosan sizing agents are particularly efficient so that only very small size add-ons are necessary. When applied by spray application via rotors, low add-on quantities of only 18 to 25 % are sufficient to achieve excellent sizing results and satisfactory size coating of the staple fiber yarns. The high adhesion capacity of the Chitosan sizing film is binding projecting fibers which leads to reduced dust abrasion and clinging tendency of the yarns during weaving. The low size add-on makes it easier to separate the warp threads in the dry dividing zone which results in less warp thread breaks. In sum, the application of PERIPRET CT/RS liq. as sizing agent offers optimum conditions in the weaving plant and increases the efficiency of the looms.

What is Chitosan?

Chitosan and chitosan products are derived from chitin, a renewable raw material. After cellulose, chitin is the most abundant natural biopolymer. It is the main component of the exoskeleton of insects, spiders, and crustaceans. Big amounts of chitin waste arise from crab peeling as well as from animal feed production. Chitosan can either be obtained by chitin acetylation with hot caustic soda or enzymatic decomposition with chitin deacetylase. There is a fluent transition between chitin and chitosan. The product is called chitosan in case that the acetyl groups of the chitin polymers are degraded by 40 to 50 % and the product is soluble in organic acids. Due to its film-forming properties chitosan biopolymers work well as sizing agents.

Sizing with PERIPRET CT/RS liq. by Minimum Liquid Application

PERIPRET CT/RS liq. was developed in cooperation with RotaSpray, a German manufacturer of advanced spray applications based on rotating atomizers for the textile industry. RotaSpray is member of the WEKO Holding, which also offer minimum application systems for the textile finishing industry.

Due to its low viscosity PERIPRET CT/RS liq. is perfectly suitable for sizing via minimum liquor application devices. Contact-free low add-on applications mean less mechanical stress for the yarns and threads to be sized which is an additional advantage. Micro drops with sizing agent are applied without contact by spray disks or rotors. These techniques are particularly suitable for delicate threads and yarns.

Advantages of PERIPRET CT/RS liq.

PERIPRET CT/RS liq. offers the following advantages for contact-free minimum application and spray sizing:

  • biodegradable
  • high performance
  • economical application
  • low viscosity
  • less water consumption
  • reduced drying costs
  • wet-in-wet application possible


PERIPRET CT/RS liq. is a chitosan polymer solution for application by contact-free spray application using rotor disks. The environmentally friendly, sustainable PERIPRET CT/RS liq. is used as a sizing agent for staple fiber yarns.

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