Hydrophilic silicone emulsion with jojoba oil, vitamin E and aloe vera
PERISOFT VITAL is suitable for natural as well as synthetic fibres. Particularly good effects are achieved on terry clothes. Due to the excellent shear stability PERISOFT VITAL can also be applied on package and jet dyeing machines.
PERISOFT VITAL offers textiles a very soft and voluminous handle. The product does not impair the absorbency of finished fabrics which results in hydrophilic effects. The product leads to a high resilience and increases the dimensional stability of knitted fabrics. The tendency to creasing of textiles is reduced. PERISOFT VITAL shows a very good shear resistance and also a good substantivity. These properties allow for a usage in the exhaustion process also on jet machines. The softener contains a combination of high quality wellness additives: Jojoba oil is known for its skin caring, moisturising properties and is used in skin and hair care products. Vitamin E is well-known for its anti-oxidative effect. As an anti-oxidant, vitamin E protects cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It is often used in anti-aging products. Aloe vera is known for its regenerating and skin-caring properties.


SN: 1502292012


CAT: Softening Agents
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Sylvia Palikowski, Application technology

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