Solution of chitosan polymer as cold sizing agent
PERIPRET CTS liq. offers a high adhesion capacity for all staple fibre yarns. It is used for application at the warping machine. The application device must be cleaned before and after changing the product to avoid possible incompatibilities with other products.
PERIPRET CTS liq. improves the abrasion resistance of warp yarns and reduces the abrasion of fibres on the weaving machine. Therewith the amount of yarn breakages during weaving can be reduced distinctly. The removability of PERIPRET CTS liq. depends on the type of fibre: ·For the desizing of pure polyester two different desizing methods can be considered. Pretrials to determine the optimum desizing method are recommended. ─Desizing in acidic range at pH 3 – 3.5 and a temperature of approximately 50 °C under addition of a wetting and washing agent like PERLAVIN NIC. ─Enzymatic desizing with PERIZYM CD. ·In case of cellulosic fibres a complete removal of PERIPRET CTS liq. is not possible. Depending on the intended purpose it has to be checked individually if PERIPRET CTS liq. is suitable. ·For all other fibres the removability has to be checked with appropriate trials. Because PERIPRET CTS liq. cannot be removed completely from all types of fibres, the impact on subsequent processes (for example washing, bleaching, dyeing, etc.) and on the resulting appearance of the fabric has to be tested under bulk conditions before the approval of PERIPRET CTS liq. To keep the influence on subsequent processes as low as possible a uniform application of PERIPRET CTS liq. is essential.


SN: 1340320192


CAT: Finishing
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Sylvia Palikowski, Application technology

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